Storage after Holidays

Here are some tips that can help you with your holiday storage!


The Holidays bring us joy and it’s a great time to deck out the house to compete in the neighborhood “Best Lights” contest. Although, the moment comes right after all the fun has been had and all the praises have been received for your inside and outside decoration skills, when the saturated lights already provided all the cheer they could. Besides, the HOA is waiting for the right time to send you that letter telling you that the outside lights should be taken down since it disturbs the neighborhood’s vibe.

You might think that adorning every corner of the house with trees, lights, life size nutcrackers, and all the stockings you could find was a good idea, and it was because it made your home look beautiful, but now you are reconsidering and you realize that putting it all away might become a bigger problem than you expected. That’s why we bring to you a quick guide to help you with your holiday storage.

1.  Classify!

If there is something besides joy that the holidays undust and bring out, it is the variety of items we use to decorate. From all the different lightsets and tree adornments, to every little item that through the years has become a family heirloom to place around the house.

We recommend categorizing your items and group them according to the purpose they serve and style. For this you can use cardboard boxes, zip bags, and plastic storage containers. Make sure to mark every box and bag with the name of its content to facilitate their use in the future.

2. How to Store It All?

One thing to save you time on your next holiday at the time of unpacking, is to arrange all the boxes in the order they would be used later once you need them again. You might have items that are not constrained to one celebration alone and might be taken out multiple times a year. Those would be placed in a place that is easier to reach without the need to take everything out first.

Although, after making all the arrangements and having the family help you with putting it all away, you come to the conclusion that there is no room for all of it at home.

3. Making Room for the New Gifts

Aside from all the decor items that you’ve accrued over the years, there’s always the new toys and items that come through the holiday gifting.

That new TV will be a great addition to the living room, but the old one works just fine and throwing it away or selling it for a low price is not an option to be considered. The kids might go to college at some point and will consider taking that extra TV with them. 

If the celebrated season brought more than your usual material presents then, Congratulations! The addition to the family is the best gift we can receive, although now you definitely could use the extra space.

At Gateway North Storage we have the units that can help you organize everything that you own that has no place at home due to lack of space. Plus the storage unit will hide the gift wrapping materials to not give away the magic of the holidays.

4. Keep a Record

Keeping track of all the things you have put away in storage can maximize efficiency when the time comes to look for those boxes. Also, within those records you can keep photos of arrangements that you made around the house after hours of tinkering with their location. That way you won’t have to try and figure out the way everything was placed the previous year to fit the way you like it after your space management and decor skills made their debut throughout the house.

These tips can help you start your year with a spacious and uncluttered home. For more information about Gateway North Storage in Firestone, contact us!