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Moving to a smaller place can be challenging no matter the situation. There are many paths to consider which take up a lot of time. A new job in the city, moving to college, or no longer needing the extra space in the house since someone moved out. It all requires you to play magician and figure out where and how everything is going to go.

In today’s post, the team at Gateway North Storage in Firestone, Colorado offers you the tips and solutions to help you in this journey. There is so much guesswork around moving, and we want to help you take that load off your shoulders.


Creating an inventory of all the items you have at home can be a great way to ease the transfer. This activity will also help you take notes on the things you might want to keep and those you might not. After taking inventory and making your trusted list, it’s good to mark the boxes that carry the items — that way you know the content of each box.

Aside from helping organize before everything is taken out of the old place, it helps you prioritize for the future, making the move into your new home a lot easier. Knowing in which box all the bedding items are can be a blessing when you have been moving boxes from one place to another throughout the entire day. You might not unpack all of it that same night, but you can rest in clean sheets after knowing exactly where they are.


There is nothing more disheartening than arriving at the new place and realizing that your favorite couch is too big to fit in the living room, especially after carrying it three flights of stairs.

Play it safe and measure the big furniture ahead of time. You can go to the new empty place and use the measurements to be certain that the dresser, bed, computer desk, and TV stand will all fit in the room. If it does not, or you are certain that the room is too small to fit it all, then you know that you won’t be taking it all inside. This avoids piling things in to the point that the house looks like an abandoned storage unit. So, what can you do?

It’s not easy to get rid of your precious possessions, particularly when the move is not forever. You could be buying the house of your dreams in the future and want to keep all the things you have been buying with so much effort.

A storage unit when moving can provide you a safe space to keep those few items that did not make it to the new place, but you wish to use them later. If you’re in the Firestone area, Gateway North Storage is your storage solution! Call us to learn more or rent your unit today!

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There is always a way to fit more than you think in the small closet. All those hours of playing Tetris proved to be invaluable. That is until you have to get something from the bottom of the pile.

Learning how to improve every square inch of space in the house, while not having to struggle if you need anything that you have put away, is the right way to go. Make sure you maximize your space with stackable boxes that lock with each other. If you have too many shoes (just kidding, there’s no such thing) purchase a closet-door shoe rack to help you go vertical instead of spreading all of them on the floor where you could be placing a box or two.


Downsizing can be like spring cleaning. It is often the time you realize that you’ve been hoarding items that you thought you needed but have never used. A great solution to this problem can be found in donations.

Donating the old collection of baseball caps from Little League can free up the right amount of space to give your new collection some room. Make sure to always check online for the items you are getting rid of, since they might be worth some money now that they are vintage. Other than that, donating it can be a tax write-off at the end of the year.

If you are in need of a storage unit to help you with moving, Gateway North Storage at Firestone has the right solutions for you. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services!

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