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Many people rely on storage rentals across Colorado to keep their valuables safe and secured while not in use. Unfortunately, some may invest in affordable storage solutions only to find that their property is cracked, warped, worn, or otherwise faded due to environmental changes. While the weather along the Front Range changes by the minute, our climate-controlled storage facility located at 11370 Arbor Street in Firestone is here and ready to protect your goods all year round. Located right off of HWY 119 and I-25, our storage center is open for business and ready to provide outstanding services for all of our customers.

If you’re looking for a storage unit online, it helps to know what to look for. Our climate-controlled storage options provide a complete protection from the elements, providing superior peace of mind for clients who entrust us with their valuables. Today, we’ll highlight the value of utilizing climate-controlled units to keep your goods safe. If you’re ready to rent a unit today, be sure to contact our storage facility for assistance!


Ultimately, the purpose of renting a storage unit at our Firestone facility is to store your valuables for as long as you need to, whether it be while you are transitioning into a new home, renovating your current one, running a private business, or storing items until they are needed again. Storage centers across Colorado can succeed in keeping your valuables safe from theft or harm, but keep in mind that the air’s temperature and humidity can play a major role in affecting the integrity of delicate possessions.

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Items such as antiques, fabrics, electronics, artwork, and more are susceptible to these environmental changes, causing materials to crack, warp, or promote mold growth. Many people find a long-term storage solution, only to later discover that their valuables are now much worse for the wear. Instead of risking your fragile items, contact our self-storage pros instead for expert assistance. We have the experience and training needed to keep your valuables optimally safe season after season.


You may find a local storage facility that offers “temperature-controlled” rentals. Before you sign on the dotted line, keep in mind that this HVAC system only controls the temperature of your storage unit, not the humidity. Coloradans know how variable the weather can be, and these rapid changes in temperature can quickly affect air’s ability to hold moisture. As the air gets warmer, it is able to hold more heat. Storage rentals that undergo rapid changes without a humidifier can be set up for disaster, so be sure to do your research. Our self-storage facility in Firestone is proud to offer climate-controlled storage options to ensure complete control over your valuables, keeping temperatures and humidity levels stable.

Over time, this stability will provide excellent results when it comes to the preservation of your property. Our storage units are top-notch, expertly protected, and available now. Gateway North Storage is here to deliver the best outcome for all of your property. Students, entrepreneurs, world travelers, and empty nesters alike can all take comfort in knowing that their most valued possessions are stored in a facility that delivers 24/7 quality. Contact us today to learn more!