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24/7 Self-Storage Solutions

Self-storage rentals have become a versatile choice for many Coloradans, offering flexibility and convenience in tandem with secure storage solutions to provide an ideal outcome. Those seeking out a quality storage unit in Firestone will be happy to hear that Gateway North Storage is open and ready for business! Our storage center is located right across from Gateway North Apartments, giving you full access to your possessions 24/7. Our expert staff is here and ready to lend a hand, helping customers with a wide range of needs to personalize the best results.

While we strive to provide the most versatile storage solutions in the business, it’s important to remember that certain items are simply not allowed. Today, we’ll highlight a few items that are commonly stored in our facility, as well as the items prohibited by most storage centers across the country. If you’re ready to find an ideal storage unit, be sure to call today!


Some materials and possessions are just not allowed in self-storage facilities. Most often, these prohibitions are in place to maximize human safety as well as the property’s safety. Storing unacceptable property in your storage unit can prove very disruptive to your possessions, and puts you at risk of breaking your contract. A few items that normally don’t make the cut include:

  • Weapons – Firearms are normally not accepted at self-storage facilities. While swords and non-combusting other weapons may be allowed, keep in mind that hazardous items will receive a no-no (safety being the top priority).
  • Accelerants – Many chemicals, including gas, propane, and various oils, all can create a fire hazard when stored in a facility. While our storage center is outfitted to deal with any fire breakouts, we’d rather minimize the chances of error entirely.
  • Hazardous materials – Beyond gasoline, a wide range of other chemicals meet the no-store list. Waste, explosives, or any other component deemed too dangerous for storage will likely not be allowed.
  • Perishables – Even if you feel comfortable leaving your groceries in our climate-controlled storage, know that perishables are not allowed in most facilities. Meats, vegetables, and even your pet food have the potential to spoil and go bad. Customers who proactively keep their food fresh will still face problems, as many rodents are attracted to high-food areas as we creep into the colder months.
  • Plants or pets – Humans are not allowed to inhabit storage units, and the same rules apply to other organic things. Our climate-controlled storage does not have the running water or light needed for the basic necessities. Remember that safety is the top priority, and this practice is simply unsafe.
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This list may sound long, but keep in mind that a majority of people’s possessions fall outside these categories. A majority of the property we store here in Firestone includes items needed for daily or long-term convenience, including:

  • Furniture – Large, bulky, and long-lasting, furniture is often placed into storage until needed later. We offer storage units ranging from 5-by-10 feet to 10-by-30 feet, providing plenty of space for couches, mattresses, ottomans, and more.
  • Home possessions – Much of the extra stuff you place into boxes can fit snugly inside one of our indoor storage units. Clothing, toys, kitchen accessories all make up a major amount of the property placed in storage.
  • Commercial property – Business supplies and equipment can take up a lot of space, so be sure to benefit from the convenience of an indoor storage unit from Gateway North Storage. We can store your extra cabinets, paperwork, and office supplies, so be sure to call today!
  • Appliances – Whether you have an extra washing machine you need to hold on to or a stove ready to make the most of your home renovations, appliances can often be stored at your local storage facility.
  • Electronics – In most cases, we recommend keeping your electronics out of storage. Long periods of inactivity, rapid weather changes, and loads of dust can all impact the longevity of your devices. Our indoor storage units accept electronics, but be sure to speak with our team to ensure that you are happy with the results.

Gateway North Storage is here to serve as your comprehensive provider of storage unit solutions in Firestone. Our convenient location, 24/7 access, and brand-new facilities ensure that you are happy with the results. Contact us now to learn more about our storage center’s restrictions and be sure to reserve your unit today!