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Springtime is here in Colorado, and many residents are looking forward to the sunny weather. The Front Range provides a plethora of fun activities, and the changing of the season means that you are likely swapping out a bevy of possessions to make room for other activities. Space may be limited where you live, which is why you are on this blog post looking for storage solutions.

Gateway North Storage is here to provide storage units from our new location in Firestone. If you’re looking for a place to securely store all of your wintertime valuables, then you’ll be happy to know that our storage facility is located on Arbor Street north of Highway 119. Today, we’ll highlight a few items to help you get started.


Remember how much snow we saw at the beginning of March? It’s also important to remember that there was snow in Colorado each month of the last year — our weather is unpredictable! You should leave out your favorite jacket and cap in case the weather turns gloomy, but otherwise, we suggest packing up all of those winter clothes and leaving them at your local storage center. Gateway North Storage provides reliable storage solutions that can keep your winter clothes safe. These pieces tend to be costly, and should be properly cared for to ensure the best long-term results.

If you are looking at your pile of winter clothes and considering our storage center, then be sure to follow the proper steps before continuing:

  • Check the pockets. Even if you think everything is empty, check again. Chapstick, hand sanitizer, and power bars may all make it to the second step, resulting in unsanitary conditions that increase the chances of a rodent problem.
  • Launder everything. Moisture, grease, and other substances can coat clothing and result in mildew and material degradation. Washing everything (and ensuring it is all dry) can keep your wardrobe fresh and clean throughout the offseason.
  • Fold and store. Fold your winter garments neatly and place them in a secure plastic bin with a lid. Rigid totes can provide ideal protection while preventing ventilation, stopping the possibility of mold growth.


Everyone loves sledding, and most residents along the Front Range prefer a powder day or two, but all of that winter gear you own can take up space and become a hassle through the summer months. Many locals invest in climate-controlled storage to provide a stable environment for their gear. Rapid temperature and humidity changes can wreak havoc on most materials, so be sure you ask your local self-storage facility about their advantages.

Our tip: Skis and snowboards undergo a lot of changes throughout the warmer months, so be sure to clean up your edges, wipe down the surfaces, leave a nice layer of warm-weather wax, and loosen the screws or back off the tension on your equipment. Doing so will help to prevent rust in the offseason, as well as reduce the chance of oxidation.

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Christmas has come and gone, yet many of us are left with a pile of holiday decorations in our garage. Now may be the perfect time to organize all of your stuff and place it in storage alongside other winter accessories. Nobody likes living in a cluttered situation, and holiday totes can prove to be a major hassle.


Sure, your ski box is nice for transporting skis and boards up the divide, and it looks very sharp on your vehicle, but keep in mind that this device does hurt your vehicle’s gas mileage. Boxes occupy an enormous amount of room, even if you fill them with wrapping paper and regifts during the summer. Your snowblower saves a lot of time and labor during the snowy months, but once the warm temperatures come around, it ends up sitting in the garage. In both cases, a storage unit may prove to be an ideal solution for freeing up space. Remember to pick up your spring gear while you’re here!

Gateway North Storage in Firestone provides a range of secure storage units conveniently located off of I-25 and Highway 119. We’re right across the street from Gateway North Apartments, and our facility offers 24/7 access. If you’re ready to get started this spring, then be sure to contact us to learn about our self-storage units.