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Summer is here.

If you’re moving across Colorado as a college student, things can get pretty hectic! Many students opt for simplicity and peace of mind through the summer months by investing in a self-storage unit with a local company. Not only does this reduce the stress on busy students, but it can also prove to be a very cost-effective alternative to moving long distances.

Gateway North Storage is here to provide ideal storage units conveniently located in Firestone, right off of I-25 and Highway 119. Our central location makes it easy for students across the Front Range to find the right storage solutions for their specific needs.

Today, we’ll discuss a few reasons why college students may need self-storage, as well as some tips to keep their valuables safe. Be sure to browse our site when you are finished and see how affordable our storage units are!


If you’re in your first college year, you may rely on campus housing for lodging. As the year ends, many students plan on heading home to spend their downtime with the parents. Whether you are loading up the moving truck to head home or rent a new space nearby, it can help to find a storage center for safe, convenient results.

You work hard to maintain your valuables, and deserve a secure storage unit to keep everything safe when not needed. Gateway North Storage relies on the most modern security measures to keep all of our storage units safe from damage or theft. With special lighting systems, top-tier security equipment, gate access only, routine patrols, and high-security cylinder locks, we’re confident that you’ll achieve the peace of mind that you deserve!


Now that summer is here, many students are heading home for the summer. On top of downsizing your place and making the move back into the parents’ place, you’ll also be stuck with all of that winter gear that will be collecting dust until the cooler temps return.

Gateway North Storage is here to provide affordable storage solutions for students across the Front Range. We understand how hectic things can get between moving home and preparing for the next semester. Students can come to us for month-to-month storage rentals. You can rely on our fixed pricing for straightforward results, avoiding pricing changes based on rental agreement lengths.

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From calculators to recorders, headphones, and a variety of other electronic necessities, modern students need a safe place to store their sensitive equipment. Colorado is known for its rapid weather changes, which can wreak havoc on computers, televisions, and so on. Climate-controlled storage is an ideal solution for seasonal concerns, providing consistent temperatures and humidity levels to keep your valuables safe.

When storing electronics, it’s important to check the condition of batteries attached to your various devices. Any signs of corrosion can lead to future problems if left idle for weeks or months at a time. We recommend storing batteries in individually sealed bags for the best level of protection.


Despite our focus on electronics and modern technology, many students rely on physical textbooks and lined paper for a reliable education. If you’re planning on stashing your textbooks, notes, and other learning materials, it’s important to consider the conditions of your storage unit. Colorado is known to boast bouts of heavy moisture throughout much of the year, making it important to keep an eye out for moisture.

The organic nature of paper goods and the glue utilized can both attract unwanted pests. You can protect your textbooks from danger with a rigid plastic tub. Many stores offer affordable options that can safely house papers, notes, books, and more.


If you’re in the midst of looking for a secure storage unit, our Firestone facility is here and ready to help! Gateway North Storage provides affordable, convenient, and flexible storage solutions to Front Range residents. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, our team is confident that we can deliver ideal results for college students, home remodelers, and anyone else in need of Top-Rated Local® storage units.

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