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March is here, and many citizens along the Front Range are gearing up for the warmer season by planning their annual cleaning ritual. Often referred to as spring cleaning, this event relies on Colorado’s fresh air to invite all to open their windows and declutter their homes. If you are planning on scrubbing your place from top to bottom this spring, keep in mind that you may end up with extra stuff at the end. When that happens, be sure to consider the storage solutions offered by Gateway North Storage.

Our brand-new facility in Firestone provides the best storage units available, located off of I-25 and Highway 119. If you’re in need of affordable, convenient storage services, we’re here and happy to help!

Now may be the time to take on your spring cleaning, and we’re to help provide a full scope of support if you have excess items worth looking after. Today, we’ll discuss a few tips to help get things started.


Before you go off the tracks with your rubber gloves and window spray, we recommend creating a game plan that effectively covers the order and procedure in which things will be done. Is this too much effort for completing a chore you take on annually? We don’t think so. Putting a plan in place can help to maximize organization and therefore minimize any energy needed for finding or fixing things. Sanitizing your entire home will likely take a lot of time and effort.

Our self-storage pros rely on planning and precision to create the best outcome for us and our customers, and this same approach can make life easier in your home. Starting from the top down may be a good choice, and tasking family members with certain areas can help to speed things along.


One major problem we’ve seen while serving in this industry occurs when residents decide to perform a comprehensive cleaning without giving themselves enough time to get the job done. Keep in mind that spring cleaning is an intensive process that can take hours longer than expected. If you wish to deliver a deep clean for your home, keep in mind that you will be going through junk drawers, piles of mail, and more.

While you need to allot enough time to get this once-annual task done, it can help to remember that you can spread out the work. Many Coloradans elect to take time after work or plan a weekend morning to knock out a big portion of the house. Spring cleaning needs to be done to help you feel better, but you have all of spring to get it done!

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Cleaning your home can feel like a one-person job, but a spring clean can be an entirely different endeavor! Your family may be able to get the job done in a certain time period, but bringing in outside help may make things much easier throughout the process.

While you may not want your mother cleaning your home, it may prove helpful to bring in other members of the family to lend a hand. Your brother may be useful for his truck to haul off waste, or your niece and nephew may be offering assistance for a little monetary compensation. Colorado is home to many professional cleaning companies as well, many of which can offer small-scale services for the afternoon.


If you notice a heap of possessions piling up that you want to keep but don’t want cluttering your sparkling house, now may be the perfect time to visit your local storage facility. Many residents discover a treasure trove of valuables that they would love to keep, but do not need in their daily living quarters.

Gateway North Storage is proud to be provided conveniently located storage units in Firestone, delivering complete quality from our location at I25 and Highway 119. We’re ready to provide the best results for your needs, relying on our 24/7 access, month-to-month leasing, and top-notch security to ensure you are happy you entrusted us with your valuables. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality storage solutions, and be sure to reserve your storage unit!