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Spring is here.

Springtime is beautiful here in Colorado, with lush landscapes and refreshing temperatures coaxing many locals to live it up in the outdoors. If you’re hoping to get outside this spring and make the most of your time, it may prove beneficial to find a storage facility that can store all of your extra things for every season. Residents in need of a storage unit in the Firestone area will be happy to know that Gateway North Storage is conveniently located right off of I-25 and Highway 119.

While our state is ideal for experiencing the best of all seasons, it does require many residents to put their offseason equipment in a local storage unit. Today, we’ll highlight a few key items you may want to add to your to-do list this spring. If you’re currently in need of a self-storage unit, or you are considering one to store all of your winter equipment, be sure to contact us today!

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While your lawnmower is a trusted part of your lawn care arsenal, it certainly does take up a lot of space in the offseason. The winter season gives mowers months of downtime, making it essential for DIY yard pros to check their equipment in the spring. Be sure to check the oil before operating, and keep in mind that the tank should be empty from the previous use.

Trimmers, wheelbarrows, and a variety of other items are all necessary to maintain a beautiful yard, but these items are often bulky and aren’t practical for storage in the home. Gateway North Storage provides ideal solutions for those in need of affordable, flexible storage options. Check out our available storage units to find the right fit for your lawn equipment!


Fishing rods, rollerblades, bicycles, and more can prove enjoyable in the warmer weather, yet do nothing but take up space during the snowy season. Now that the days are longer and temperatures are above freezing, you can pick up all of the gear needed to have a good time. Be sure to put together a list of the items you need this season, as well as the winter gear that can go into storage for the season.


Many people are surprised to learn that Denver, Colorado receives more days of sunshine annually than San Diego or Miami. We’re proud of our beautiful weather, and often spend time unwinding at the pool. Regardless of where your swim time takes place, now may be the time to dust off your pool supplies and pull them out of storage.

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You may be itching to spend more time outside, and picking up your outdoor furniture from storage can help to get the ball rolling. Taking the time to pick this stuff up from storage can help you to spend more time outside with the family, whether it includes a bench, table and chairs, grill, or all of the above.


While our state is known for its fluctuating temperatures, many locals rely on vastly different wardrobes throughout the season. It’s important to keep a jacket and some heavier elements available just in case, but you may choose to store your winter clothing in bins. This approach helps to keep fabrics safe, but can end up taking up more space than intended. In situations like this, a self-storage facility may provide the right services.

Before you store your winter wear, be sure to empty out all of the pockets and launder everything. Once the clothing is dry, fold it and place it in a plastic storage bin. You can stop by your storage unit in Firestone 24/7 to drop off clothes for the season, freeing up more space until the flakes start falling once more.


Now is the perfect time to plan to swap out your lawn mower and innertubes with the snow blower and coats currently taking up space. Colorado residents can turn to Gateway North Storage for the best storage services across the Front Range. Our facility provides industry-leading technology, security, convenience, and climate-controlled storage solutions to ensure you can trust us going into the future.

Our storage units in Firestone are accessible 24/7 and come in a variety of sizes to ensure you find the best fit for your needs. Contact us today to learn about our approach to self-storage, and be sure to reserve your unit!