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Spring is here along the Front Range, and many homeowners are taking advantage of the warmer weather and longer days by preparing for garage sale season. Private residences are putting their information on websites while communities are preparing neighborhood-wide sales. Whether you have a lot of property you want to sell to your community at a nice price to open up space and earn a little extra cash, or you are on the lookout for key picks that will enhance your collection or otherwise make your life better, garage sale’ing has been a treasured venture that makes life a little more fun in a cost-effective manner.

If Spring 2019 is your time to stock up on treasures or to clear out some room in your home, you may be in need of some extra space. Gateway North Storage is here to serve as your trusted source for clean and secure storage units in Firestone, conveniently located off of I-25 and HWY 119. Our new facility, located right across from Gateway North Apartments, offers ideal storage solutions on month-to-month leases. We love to help locals throughout garage sale season, and will be happy to assist you in finding an ideal fit for your needs.

Today, we’ll discuss the value of our self-storage center in coordination with your garage sale efforts. If you’re running out of space in your home and need to rent a storage unit, feel free to contact us now to get started!


While the season is here, you may be eager about decluttering your home and offloading a few possessions that have not proved vital in your daily life. If your home feels like a cluttered mess, now may be the perfect time to invest in a secure storage unit through at our Firestone location. Gateway North Storage offers affordable storage rentals on a month-to-month basis, giving you the freedom to go through your home and clear out any sellable possessions.

You can elect to move some of the larger items in your home during this process into storage, allowing for more space to clean, organize, and prepare. This can make life much easier as you move about the home collecting items for your sale. We’ve helped local sellers store their items that are not utilized on a normal basis but are still needed, creating more room in the garage to organize your sale items. Some clients have opted into putting all of their garage sale merchandise into storage, packed from back to front for convenient access.


Garage sale enthusiasts can find nearly anything during a shopping run, ranging from clothes and books to furniture, ski equipment, and more. It can prove entirely beneficial to clear up some space, as bringing larger purchases home can cause some concern. Residents who did not plan on purchasing a weight bench, for example, may find that they simply do not have space to place their new item. You can elect to store future projects in your storage unit, or relocate some in-home items to make space in the interim. No matter your plans, our storage center in Firestone is ready to help!


Regardless of your plans this garage sale season, it’s important to take precautionary steps to ensure your home isn’t inundated with clutter. You may not have gotten rid of all of the extra stuff you own this year, or you may have invested in more projects than you can currently handle. No matter the cause, it can prove beneficial to create space in your home and entrust your belongings to a local storage center.


Teaming up with a trustworthy self-storage company can provide you with a range of benefits, both now and in the future. Make room for a new project, clear out some space to bring in new purchases, and be ready for the next garage sale extravaganza with an indoor or outdoor storage unit.

Gateway North Storage of Firestone is here to provide clean, secure storage units for professional garage sale enthusiasts and amateur shoppers alike. We strive to provide the best storage solutions for residents along the Front Range, relying on our industry-leading practices to achieve the best customer satisfaction. If you’re ready, be sure to browse our available storage units, then contact us to get started!