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Starting an online business can come with many challenges. One of the main problems you’re likely to encounter is where to store all of your inventory. Luckily, Gateway North Storage is here with all of your storage solutions.

Utilizing a storage unit rental can help your online business in a number of ways. Storage units are more secure than your home for keeping inventory, they can come with climate control features if necessary, and, maybe most of all, they help your business stay organized and professional.


It’s never wise to keep valuables in your home, especially when people know they’re there. With a successful home or online business, it may become obvious that you’re storing your goods at home. In order to make sure you have top-notch security, and to keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way, a Gateway North Storage unit could be the way to go.

Unlike your home, all of our storage units are constantly under surveillance by both cameras and our on-duty guards. We also offer special security lighting, high-security cylinder locks, and gate-access controls, so you’ll know all of your products are safe.


Many products require special climate considerations. Food items generally require significantly cooler temperatures, bedding and clothing need protection from the elements and pests, and artwork can become warped and lose its color without proper care.

With a climate-controlled storage rental, you can negate these risks. Our Firestone storage facility comes with units that are equipped to properly store virtually anything, with top of the line HVAC systems that moderate temperature and humidity so your items stay fresh and new.


Organization is critical to small business owners, but especially those who are doing all their business online. A well-organized storage unit can go a long way in saving business owners both time and money when it comes to shipping.

An easy flow of work materials and products is much easier to attain with a storage unit than trying to manage it all among your family’s busy lives and belongings. Popular options for organizing your storage unit include— organizing by shipping date, organizing by expirations, or organizing by putting products with their typical counterparts.

Another solution to your business woes could be found in the form of your own shipping station. Anyone who’s dabbled in online sales knows that shipping becomes critical in maintaining shipping costs. Converting your storage unit into a type of packaging-assembly line can help you save valuable time and money, and with a clearly organized space, you’ll no longer have to worry about wasted materials or using the wrong packaging.


With all the complications that can come with an online business, a storage rental is a good way to get more organized, keep your products safe, keep your business secure, or just to get a few things out of the way for the time being. Call Gateway North Storage today for your online or at home business storage needs!