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The Northern Colorado area is growing every day, with some of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country, and summer is the season for moving. With that, Colorado’s storage needs are growing rapidly and Gateway North Storage is here to help carry (and store) the load.

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Located in Firestone, Colorado, Gateway North Storage is a convenient location for wherever your journey might take you in the Northern Metro area. Whether you’re in Denver, Fort Collins, or right here in Firestone, we have a convenient location that’s just off of Highway 119 and I-25. Within 45 minutes of most major Northern Colorado cities, Gateway North Storage is easily accessible, which makes us a great choice for seasonal or recreational storage when you want to pay less and avoid less secure, overcrowded facilities in the metro area.

24/7 Access

On top of a convenient location, Gateway North Storage has top of the line options for all your security and storage needs, including 24/7 access. We’re always open to our customers because it’s your stuff and you should have access to it whenever you need it. However, we never let anyone but established customers into the facility. Our doors are secured with high-security cylinder locks and are constantly surveyed by cameras and routine security patrols. The safety of your items is our number one priority.


Our safety measures don’t end with theft prevention — at Gateway North Storage, we know that keeping certain items in the right environment is critical. Many of our units come with built-in climate control so you can keep heirlooms, collectibles, and other items safe for as long as you choose to store with us.

We also do not allow any potentially hazardous or harmful substances in our facilities. You can rest assured that whatever our other customers choose to store in our units, it will not put your items at risk.


If you’re just moving to Colorado, you might not know how long you’ll need storage. Maybe you came here on a whim and plan to move into a bigger home soon, or maybe you prefer a tidy home space and will always want storage. When you are ready to move, we’ll have your back then, too, and we’ll provide you with the materials you need to get the job done. There will be no need to go to a retailer and beg for boxes or pay exorbitant prices at a supply store!

Month-to-Month Contracts

All of our contracts are written on a month-to-month basis, saving everyone involved from extended liability. Not knowing where you’ll be in a year will never be an issue with us — we’ll be here as long as you need us. We’ve been in Firestone for over 30 years, so we’re confident that will be the case.

From the day you roll in, to the day that you’ll roll out, Gateway North Storage can cover all your storage needs and cover all your safety concerns. When you need storage space in Northern Colorado, we hope you choose Gateway North Storage! Contact us today.