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Storage units are, for many, an essential service to be able to go through difficult situations or helping families have that extra space without the need to buy an even bigger home. In today’s post, Gateway North Storage wants to show you some of the ways you could be using your storage unit.

Having that extra space at home or at your office can be relieving. Knowing that you are able to walk around without having to jump over furniture or walk sideways to reach a section of the room, it’s its own benefit. That’s the opportunity a storage unit brings you. However, a storage unit is not only a place to fill to the brim but it can be a great addition to managing your property’s space without the need to pile on the garage or have your basement look like an abandoned warehouse.

Here are some of the ways you can use your storage unit:

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If you are interested in renting storage space to help you with any chore, activity, or business you may have, please contact Gateway North Storage for more information or visit our Storage Unit page to learn more about our services and what we offer!

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Remodeling and updating the interior of your home can be something exciting until you have to keep moving every piece of furniture around any time you need to keep working on a different section. Whenever you are considering remodeling, you should also think about getting a storage unit to help you clear the clutter in the area you would be working on, that way you are not forced to stop in the middle of a project just to move some things around that you know are going to need to move shortly after.

On the other hand, you could be using the storage unit to put away the materials and tools that you would be using for the remodeling project. If you are modifying your kitchen, living room, and bathroom, there’s no need to have all the materials inside your home at the same time since you would be working on one thing at a time.


The winter brings all the joy of the slopes while the summer brings the fun of all the water games. When you have a passion for all sports and activities in the different seasons, it’s hard to keep everything in one place in your house before it starts looking like a mound of trash. If you don’t have space to organize everything, you might consider a 24/7 storage unit or in the case of having more delicate items, you can get a climate-controlled unit to protect your belongings from the harsh temperature changes.


Sometimes you find the perfect place to move or the home of your dreams although these are not available right away exactly when you need them. You might have to wait a couple of days or maybe a month and there’s nothing wrong with couch surfing, staying at a friend’s guest room, or staying with family. The problem with this is that you can’t take all the furniture you own and place it inside a house that’s already fully furnished.

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There’s a moment that your business is no longer a basement or garage enterprise anymore. When the time comes, the business world will not wait for you to buy a store or rent a commercial property so you can keep catching up with the times. Instead, consider getting a storage unit.

Storage units, especially ones that work 24/7, are the great step between a home business and a fully-fleshed business. This will help you ease into the big leagues without paying the money that comes with big-league property leases.


It might be the time of your life where your job is taking you to a new destination every month. You might find yourself sleeping in a hotel room more than you are sleeping in your own bed and you consider the fact that you can make do with a smaller apartment but you know that this life is not going to be forever and you want to keep all your belongings. You can get a storage unit to make sure that all you own that does not fit in the smaller apartment, will still be accessible when your life goes back to normal and you wish to settle in a bigger home.

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If you are in need of a storage unit or a climate-controlled storage unit, Gateway North Storage has the perfect solution for you and your family or business. You can contact us to help you figure out which would be the best fit for your storage needs depending on what you would be storing. Enjoy a decluttered home or the expansion of your business with our storage solutions!

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